Friday, 3 September 2010

End Of Week One As An Intern

This is the last day of my first week as an intern in corporate PR, and so far I have been pleasantly surprised. I had expected to be used as a human filing machine and to have to suck up to people who clearly didn’t want stupid young interns under their feet asking questions. My expectations couldn’t have been further from the truth...

What has surprised me is that absolutely everyone here is so friendly! I’m being treated as an equal by all levels, which is...weird but great. All interns were invited to the western themed Ketchum Summer Party last night and it was great fun (although I wish I’d brought a chequered shirt). I really enjoyed just chatting and socialising with everyone.

Me (left) with some of the other interns at the Ketchum Pleon Summer Party

I have three weeks left of my unpaid internship at Ketchum Pleon, and time has flown by! Ok so I haven’t been given anything challenging or really important to work on yet, but hopefully I will earn that work in time. Meanwhile I’m enjoying just being in a smiley office.

I have found myself wondering whether anyone here ever has an off-day...

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